Nabeel Sulieman


These are some projects that I have either worked on in the past or am currently still maintaining.

K8s ECR Login Renewal

Runs as a Kubernetes cron job to automatically refresh ECR Docker credentials for private AWS container image repositories. 10M+ downloads on Docker Hub. stats

KCert - SSL Certificates for Kubernetes

Designed as a simple Let's Encrypt certificate management experience compared to cert-manager. Demonstrates the viability of .NET Core for developing Kubernetes-native applications. stats

Sift Fraud Detection for WooCommerce

Open source WordPress/WoocCommerce extension. Extension for integrating sift.com fraud detection into WooCommerce E-Commerce stores.

DSC Today - Live Blood Donations Map

Live map of country-wide blood donation needs in Lebanon. Build on NextJS, .net Core, Azure and Dynamics CRM.