Nabeel Sulieman

Version 1.2 Release: k8s-ecr-login-renew


I'm pleased to announce the release of version 1.2 of the k8s-ecr-login-renew tool. Thanks to a great feature request pointing out that secrets can only be accessed by pods in the same namespace. This makes the tool difficult to use in clusters that have many namespaces. To resolve this limitation, the tool now has the ability to run once and deploy to multiple namespaces. This is achieved through comma-separated list of namespaces, as well as wildcard matching with the ? and * characters.

From the documentation, here is specifically what is added:

The TARGET_NAMESPACE environment variable can also be used to indicate multiple namespaces. This can be done using comma-separated names as wildcards. The two wildcard characters are ? (match a single character) and * (match zero or more characters). The following values are valid for the TARGET_NAMESPACE environment variable:

  • namespace1
  • namespace1,namespace2
  • *
  • namespaece1,prefix-*,*-suffix
  • namespace1,namespace?0